Launching Australia’s first fully mobile bank

86 400

The Australian transactional banking and financial services company Cuscal made history by launching Australia’s first fully mobile bank, 86 400. The challenge was to position the brand as a new type of bank that reinvented the customer banking experience. One that delivered the full capabilities of a bank on a consumer’s phone and is free of the existing structures of traditional banks.

The disruptive brand name 86 400 and the brand idea ‘Value every second’ set the tone for a digital-first identity based on the concept of time. 86 400 delivers value to their customers every second of every day, all eighty-six four hundred of them. The animated logo, the flashing colon, a succinct tone of voice and a set of friendly icons all resonate with its tech savvy audience.

Hulsbosch is responsible for the full suite of 86 400 brand applications for internal and external audiences including fully digital guidelines.

Project Scope

Brand application
Logo creation
Brand guidelines


Sydney Design Awards: Gold Winner

‘We are creating the digital bank of the future, unencumbered by legacy, and obsessed with giving customers what they need to maximise their value. The customer is at the heart of our business. Hulsbosch understood from the beginning our approach and have produced an essential, strong brand framework that supports the innovations of the financial business. Hulsbosch are as passionate and competitive as we are and we found in them a true partner that we could rely on.’

Anthony Thomson