What sets us apart

Passion for Excellence

Over the last forty years, we’ve been responsible for creating Australia’s most iconic brand identities and consumer pack designs.

We’re different because we have a passion for excellence and a strong belief in the importance of what we do – branding makes a fundamental difference to our client’s business performance. To us, a powerful brand has meaning. It matters and it helps build economic advantage.

Collaboration. Passion. Vision.

We demand and only work with clients who commit 100% (that’s not arrogant, that’s passionate). We dare to take risks, go out on a limb and give everything to our clients. In return, we expect the same, just like any worthwhile relationship. This commitment reflects a genuine belief in what we do, an understanding of the value-add we bring to the bottom line and a total trust in our ability to deliver.

Strategy designed well

When designing and building a successful brand, we don’t just take a brief, we don’t just accept status quo, we don’t go about implementing a standard process. Our critical first step is getting to know our client’s business intimately (not just the marketing plan). We do this because we can only produce effective work for a company if we understand the total picture.

Supporting future designers

Hulsbosch has an extensive internship program to give young and upcoming designers the opportunity to experience brand agency culture and client projects.

40 Years of Branding Highlights

What we’ve created

Over the last forty years, we’ve been responsible for creating Australia’s most iconic brand identities. From small businesses to global corporate leaders, from charities to children’s TV… we’ve done it all.

What we’ve won

Hulsbosch has won many national and international awards during our 40 years. From creative awards for brand logos, identities and packaging design, to marketing awards for brand advertising, retail campaigns and marketing effectiveness, to business awards for entrepreneur, operations and agency of the year.