Revolutionising 'The Fresh Food People'


Since the 1980s Woolworths had used the well-established strapline 'The Fresh Food People'. Yet their identity didn’t reflect this positioning - it had become tired and outdated and didn’t connect with their customers. It was time for a modern, timeless icon that spoke the truth about the company and helped forge their new direction: to make grocery shopping an easy experience in a contemporary environment. It was time to take 'The Fresh Food People' to a whole new level.


The Woolworths icon succeeds for a number of reasons: it immediately captures the brand truth by communicating 'The Fresh Food People'; the fresh, organic-shaped ‘W’ is shorthand for the Woolworths name; it’s welcoming and creates a sense of wellbeing; and it’s simple and easily identifiable.


stores have been implemented in Australia and New Zealand


The identity became instantly recognisable, and is synonymous with ‘fresh food’ and Woolworths. The rebrand is widely recognised as being one of the most successful in Australian history. Immediately after the launch quarterly sales jumped 6.5% to more than $12 billion. Woolworths has continued to increase market share and strengthen its position as Australia's leading grocer ever since. The identity was voted one of the top five rebrands in the world by and Marketing Magazine ranked it in the top 5 Australian logos of all time.


Marketing Magazine 2012
Ranked top 5 best Australian logo of all time

Brand Finance Institute 2011
Voted Australia’s most valuable brand

Mobius Award 2009
Outstanding Creativity – Corporate Identity
Ranked as one of the top 5 rebrands in the world 2008/09

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"Brand is everything for a consumer-facing business like Woolworths Supermarkets. Thanks to Hulsbosch we have been blessed with a logo that powerfully captures the very essence of our brand. It has stood the test of time and more than that, has become an icon in the Australian landscape.”

Brad Banducci, CEO
Woolworths Group