Uniting a digital powerhouse


ASX-listed, Arq Group is the world’s third largest online domain registrar and leading end-to-end digital services company.

After several acquisitions the company was floundering as a melting pot of seven individual businesses. Hulsbosch was tasked to unite its communications under a single brand that represents the sense of partnership, collaboration and limitless possibility Arq Group was driven to create for their clients in the APAC region.


The name Arq Group encompasses the full spectrum of expertise and capabilities of a multi-dimensional, full-service digital partner. The identity emanates a sense of connectiveness and constant cyclical evolution present in all digital processes. It is brought to life through a set of animated abstract ‘Ways', and graphic connecting arcs. Arq Group never stands still and constantly evolves in the fast paced digital industry.


The new Arq Group brand identity has been seamlessly integrated into all communications with a full suite of branding elements for signage and graphics accompanied by a dedicated Arq Group corporate brand book. Hulsbosch also reconfigured the website's UX, build, navigation and design for an enhanced, innovative customer experience.

The brand that Hulsbosch helped create with ARQ Group brings to life our innovative spirit, and ambition to be Australia’s leading digital partner. It was a transforming journey that has resulted in world-class creative work.

Martin Mercer, Chief Executive
ARQ Group