ADR interview with Benni Weller and Mikey Hart

Hulsbosch creative directors, Benni Weller and Mikey Hart were industry guests for Sydney-based podcast series, Australian Design (ADR) hosted by Flyn Tracy and Matt Leach. For the round-table forum, the topic ‘managing and mentoring creative teams’ exposed the real-work required to achieve exceptional brand work.

Benni and Mikey discuss the different paths they’ve taken to where they are today, the pros and cons of specialising vs generalising as a designer, collaboration and the value of diversity in creative teams.

How to get the most out of creative teams is bound by one key strength say Benni and Mikey – a coachable attitude. They tell stories of having to confront issues of good design talent going bad and reluctantly having to change creative structures to get the best environment for innovative client solutions.

Changing and growing their leadership style has been a hallmark for both agency leaders with Benni and Mikey recognising adapting their behaviour for a group of creative individuals has rewarded them with productive and inspiring creative conversations throughout their careers.

Their ADR interview also addresses the strong foundation an internship program can offer candidates and how the opportunity helps explore what a creative future could hold for them.

It can set the scene and expectations for which path to take. There are different design industries – industrial design, architectural design, packaging design, corporate identity design, maybe interior design or fashion design?  Hulsbosch continues its commitment to young designers by supporting a highly sought-after intern program every year.

These are just some of the take-outs for listeners of ADR’s broad-ranging interview featuring Hulsbosch senior team and industry advocates Benni Weller and Mikey Hart.