Rebranding one of the world’s largest education networks

One of the world’s largest and most comprehensive education networks OneSchool Global have rebranded, headed by award-winning brand agency Hulsbosch.

For OneSchool Global, the new brand provides an opportunity to lift awareness as a global network of schools and innovative learning model. Secondly, enhance value by articulating their progressive approach and build a profile as an employer of choice in category.

Carolyn Pitt, Head of Account Management at Hulsbosch said: “OneSchool Global is a truly global education ecosystem with over 130 campuses in 20 countries and over 9,500 students. They are ‘leading remarkable learning’ and we developed a new strategic platform for a cohesive brand.

From this foundation, thecreative solution is adaptive no matter the school location and is responsive to the size of their network. From campus to corporate it’s a bold visual identity that unites their network.”

OneSchool Global has a focus on “Learning to Learn”, which ultimately means that learning never stops. This was the inspiration Hulsbosch used to create the primary graphic device called The Learning Path. This visual mechanism, The Learning Path is directly derived and integrated from shapes used in the logo graphic design.

The classic school shield logo is tonally progressive and by combining the number one with a symbolic shield successfully repositions OneSchool as an authoritative provider of education.

Hulsbosch also created an industry specific bespoke set of illustrative icons that embodies OneSchool Global’s curious and creative brand personality. These elements along with the use of a vibrant colour palette, speak to building equity across the entire identity.

A central principle of The OneSchool Global brand management was to produce a flexible design system that can stretch from junior through to high school students, as well as various teaching programs the school runs globally.

Scott Christensen, Global Communication Manager at OneSchool Global said, “As a progressive institution competing for teaching talent on a global stage, we are delighted to introduce a fresh and contemporary brand that unites our school community across the globe.

OneSchool Global is an innovative school with a great story to tell, and the work we have done with Hulsbosch has provided an outstanding platform from which we can do that.”

OneSchool Global are pioneers and world leaders in self-directed learning and delivering modern learning environments. Their 130 campuses span five regions; Australia, North America, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Europe – and cities including New York, Paris, Sydney, Rom, Bridgetown (Barbados), Auckland, Melbourne, Copenhagen, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Hulsbosch is responsible for a new set of brand guidelines and a full suite of OneSchool Global brand applications for multiple touchpoints delivered to internal and external audiences.