The evolution of an icon


Hulsbosch was the only company invited to update the identity of the most recognisable Australian brand in the world. The brief came direct from the CEO, the catalyst being air travel innovation with the arrival of the new Airbus A380 and Boeing Dreamliner.


Hulsbosch repositioned Qantas as a contemporary and innovative brand with a progressive future, facilitating many business transformations Qantas built around the customer experience. Hulsbosch revitalised the brand moving it into the 21st Century while retaining the corporate heritage and long associations with the best qualities of Australia - natural, free-spirited and confident.


The identity respects the significance of the Qantas brand in the everyday lives of Australians and identifies Qantas throughout the world. It has assisted in pushing design to new levels in Australia and complied with the technical changes of all new aircraft. The identity is the key element for the airline's fleet.


Cannes Lion International Award 2008
Finalist Corporate and Brand Identity
Mobius Awards 2007
Outstanding Creativity
Corporate and Brand Identity

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"Hulsbosch was the logical choice to redesign our identity because of their brilliant creativity and consistency, delivering the results year after year."

Geoff Dixon, Former CEO