Celebrating 35 years of creating iconic brands

November 2017: Hulsbosch is celebrating 35 years of creating some of Australia’s most iconic brands. This week marks the anniversary when Hulsbosch first opened its doors for business.

Executive Creative Director Hans Hulsbosch, Australia’s most influential brand designer, established the agency in 1982, and since then has been responsible for some of the country’s highest profile rebranding projects such as Qantas, Woolworths, MLC, Perpetual, Rebel, Taronga Zoo, A-League, Tatts Group, Supercars, Virgin Australia and many, many more.

Reflecting on the 35th milestone and branding’s ability to make a difference, Hans Hulsbosch said, “Branding has come a long way in Australia and being at the forefront of its integration and shaping that history is a rare privilege.

Gone are the days that a brand was defined by its product. Nowadays a ‘brand’ is an identity that reflects the very essence of a company’s being; it is an entire, organic system that offers consumers unique experiences through a corporation’s products and/or services.

As a proudly independent Australian-owned company, national and international corporations have entrusted us with their brand strategy and design, development, creative management and brand guardianship.”

A prominent part of the Hulsbosch history was in the early 80’s when they pioneered the concept of ‘brand’ in Australia. The vision was that ‘brand’ should play a much bigger role than just creating an advertising campaign to market client products or services.

At that time, the current industry state of mind considered advertising a priority and brand was tagged right at the end of the process. Hulsbosch’s revolutionary philosophy was to put brand first, then followed by advertising.

Hulsbosch combined brand strategy, brand creation, brand design and brand integration. They would then use this framework of brand strategy and apply it to advertising to achieve the right business solutions for clients.

Hans Hulsbosch continued with observations on the future, “Branding always continues to evolve and it is so exciting to look back over 35 years and see that more and more corporations, CEOs and marketers understand that good brand design creates clarity of purpose, customer loyalty and ultimately generates brand equity. Therefore the next 35 years are going to be even bigger and better than ever before.”

As part of the 35th celebrations, congratulatory messages from clients are: